Debian on embedded devices

DebWrt on Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite

Ubiquity EdgeRouter liteDebian on Embedded Devices. Awlso available for the Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite. For installation instructions see here. The EdgeRouter Lite is considered a high performance router for low cost. With ans USB disk inside it, its a perfect device for running a full Linux distro like DebWrt.


DebWrt on Asus WL-500G DeLuxe

Debian on Embedded Devices. It all started with the Asus WL-500G DeLuxe, wireless...

DebWrt on the RouterStation Pro

Debian on Embedded devices. Also on the popular RouterStation Pro. Remarkably powerful and stable. Use this low...


DebWrt supports any port/architecture supported by both Debian and OpenWrt. This includes MIPS, MIPSEL and ARMEL!

Build environment

DebWrt includes a huge build environment encapsulating OpenWrt’s build environment and an Emdebian based cross compile environment. With a few commands you can build an OpenWrt based kernel firmware and a Debian root filesystem for your device.


Download firmware kernel images and Debian root filesystem images for the RouterStation Pro and Asus/Linksys routers. The Debian root filesystem images contain generic Debian installations and may be used for other purposes as well.

DebWrt is all about running Debian GNU/Linux on embedded devices, for example wireless routers. DebWrt connects two very powerful technologies: Debian and OpenWrt.

Debian has a great package management system and includes thousands of packages for many architectures. OpenWrt has great Linux kernel support for many embedded devices. Bringing these two strengths together opens a whole new world of possibilities. It is greatly underestimated what these embedded devices are capable of.

Running Debian on these devices can turn it into something more than it was supposed to be. It is just one apt-get install away.

For more an overview of supported hardware, installation and usage instructions see the DebWrt development Trac part of this site.

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